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Original sunprints

inspired by nature

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Botanical prints with a modern twist

Making photographs without a camera

Cyanotypes, also known as sun prints, are made using one of the world's oldest photographic processes. But they don't require a camera.

Their characteristic blue tones are the result of a chemical reaction created when light-sensitive iron salts are exposed to the sun. Any object that blocks the light will leave an impression. 

The technique is equal parts science and serendipity — a unique collaboration between the sun, the elements and the natural world. 

Curious? Click below to see each step in the process. 

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Inspired by nature,
from my garden to your home

Nature inspires all my work. Every sunprint starts with a walk in the garden or the woods near my home. I collect leaves, flowers, plants — anything with an interesting silhouette or delicate structure. And I'm often struck by how the most memorable prints come from humble grasses, weeds or leaves that are easily overlooked.


Whether I'm printing on paper, textiles or upcycled clothing, my intention is to open up news ways of appreciating nature. I find that because I'm actively looking for inspiration, I see more. This is a gift; one I hope I'm passing along with each print — from my garden to your home.


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